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Nissan Latio Review – Price, Specs And Fuel Consumption

Nissan Latio had first production in 2011, though it has roots back in 2004. The 4 door sedan had the assembly in Japan, China, Egypt, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. But Japan has special place in market, as a used car it has been unprecedented in terms of quality and class. It is also called Nissan Almera in Thailand, Nissan Sunny in China, Nissan Versa in America and Renault Scala in India; best managing quality of production as according to the market. It comes in 1.2 L, 1.5 L and 1.6 L in petrol engine to add life to engine. The 1.5 L diesel is also there to add performance factor in the best possible way. The car is the transverse front engine front wheel drive that is smooth on road.

Trims and Advantages

nissan latioThe Nissan Latio review shows that the three trims available includes S, X and G respectively. The higher trim brings in better features in the exterior and interior. But the cost of class and comfort is the investment of more money when going for purchase. The latest modifications of passenger side front panel and seat material optimization brings in new level of cozy feeling inside. The headlights of high trim are made of better material in a way that surrounding gets crisp and clear while the alloy wheel availability straight from factory have their own level of sophistication. Hence the trims, when inspection closely, aids in enhancing the minute details to a whole new level optimizing experience inside out. It is able to satisfy a greater chunk of market with similar need but having a bit additional requirement and the willingness to pay extra.

Nissan Latio Features Explained

The power window, power steering, navigation, temperature control system, meters on interior followed by roof rail, rear spoiler, diverse bumper settings on exterior amalgamated with attractive colors is all it takes to bring classiness on the go in Nissan Latio. The power window and power steering are the options that make one believe in ease with efficient functionality. The screen that acts as TV and navigation is a fine combination of infotainment in this mini body. The meters best helps in indicating about engine temperature, mileage and fuel consumption.

The roof rail carries additional load and gives a sportier look. The colors that gain attention include purity reflector white, celestial silver, passionate red, mysterious black, professional blue and revitalizing green. The interior has also dominance of either beige or black having a slight opposite effect. As according to color psychologists the beige color helps in enhancing the features as this color has submissive effect. The black on the other hand have an impact on the interior features making it unified through effect.

Up To the Mark Engine

The petrol engine is available in inline3 with HR12D3 diversion followed by I4 in HR15DE and HR16DE. The car gets a new life with fuel consumption efficiency that is in comparison to displacement and car body at an optimal level. The diesel engine was inline 4 only with K9KE424 option. The performance is premium in this mini Nissan Latio that aids in managing different types of roads in a speedy manner. With continuous improvement factor the engine was expected to get better, though through the consistent horsepower through a long period the expectation is still in fulfillment phase. The performance of engine is still at the best with smooth drive and road management at the best.

nissan latio

Technology and Safety

The technology is accepted with open arms as it not only brings comfort but also peace of mind. The better the technology gets the safer car becomes. Whether it is about the computerized system that aids in managing acceleration and brake factor or the cruise control system that manages speed; the technology makes the occupants feel secure. The antilock braking system prevents the brake lock when emergency brake is put.

The electronic stability control stabilizes the vehicle without much effort from the part of driver. The traction control system may or may not be there, but the presence manages the imbalance of engine torque and throttle input. The airbags made of nylon comes out from front and sides and acts as super hero. It comes out when high frequency collision happens. It is sensitive enough to detect threat to life before it happens.

The technology makes the drive safe enough by making this Nissan Latio a responsive to mishap option, rather a precautionary measure for preventing anything bad from happening. It is up to date, so the latest of technology is employed for better result generation.

We can conclude by saying that Nissan Latio review opens up the fact that this small car is a wonder in itself facilitating journey at the premium level. It is best visible by the number of people that prefer it as used and brand new car across globe.

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